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26 Mar

The Ladder

He worked for years on the tablet,

deciphering the pictographs.  He knew

it was a kind of language, those images.

An eye.  A bird, maybe a crow.

A basket of wheat, a ladder.

Did the order of these images matter?

He cross-referenced similar texts.

He studied the history of the region

and satisfied many hours in the tablet’s service.

In a cousin language, a ladder

was the word for happiness, to rise up,

to be lifted out of the ordinary.

After years of work, he sorted it out.

It was poetry, bad poetry, adolescent.

It read: “Today I am happy,

happy all this day, today.”

–Michael Chitwood


If today was any indication,

25 Mar

tomorrow calls for my “just who’s in charge here?” motorcycle boots and a short skirt so I can see them.  Sometimes you just need a visible reminder.

Popular. I know about popular.

2 Mar

If you haven’t seen Wicked, do yourself a favor and book two tickets.  one for you and one for me.  All the songs are stuck in my head and I just love it.

Mom and Janet and I saw Wicked on Saturday night.  It was just the best.  “Everything that a musical should be” to quote Mary Rose.  Great music, great characters, great humor and so, so clever.