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30 Mar

On Thursday I said good-bye to a vestige of my former life. We left our minivan at the dealership and drove home in something altogether new to us: a small SUV that gets great gas mileage and whose doors you have to open all on your own.

When you live in a city and are always looking for a parking place, having a zippy little vehicle with a small turning radius is a plus. It’s a lot of fun to drive a car designed for four passengers instead of eight. The good news is that I will never be expected to drive the carpool again.

We are experiencing some transitional difficulties. Such as forgetting to close our own doors overnight and leaving a key in the ignition, resulting in a battery failure, but hopefully that lesson has been learned by the child in question, since it made me five hours late for the rodeo after I called the dealership to report the issue.

It’s good to finally be out of carseats and family-trasnport-systems. It’s even better to be stepping out of the constant anxiety over what might go wrong next given the high mileage and constant repairs.

It’s great to have kids who can ride in the front seat and open their own doors. Who can get themselves a drink of water – and even some advil for their split-open toenail injury. It was wonderful to hear Henry recognize “Oh wait! Should I be doing this over the sink?” when performing a science experiment involving green food coloring.

I’m only a little nostalgic when I see toddlers walking around with sippy cups in soft soled moccasins, Mostly it’s fun to have children who dress themselves and ask interesting questions like “what’s your favorite attack-predator?” He picked oceanic white-tipped shark: (if you see one, you’re dead.) while I chose crocodile for that cool underwater-twisty-drowning thing they do with land-mammals.

Yesterday that same kid played catcher in his baseball game. He has no idea about the role of the catcher since he plays machine-pitch baseball, but I keep telling myself that he’s only seven and he’s just here to learn the game.

We’ve been in a steep learning curve the past few years. It’s taken a lot of our stored resources and then some, We’ve learned new cities and courthouses and games and schools and friends and coffee shops. I just keep telling myself that it’s all about the growth, and that makes the craziness seem a lot more palatable.