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on my honor…

29 Sep

I’m listening to Wade do a hard-sell on his maternal grandparents for boy scout popcorn over the phone.  If I am understanding correctly, they have just bought the biggest package available.  And some popcorn for our troops, which is a very sweet idea.

Whatever they do to motivate these Webelos is certainly working, because Wade is a selling machine.  Last night he was selling popcorn to Anna.  He has already sold to his dad and to me.  I couldn’t find him tonight to take him to play practice because he was selling to the neighbors behind us.

I always hated selling things.  I still do, but it’s hard to argue with popcorn.  Or cute little scouts with earnest brown eyes.  Or with the promise of a pocketknife to be won if you raise $350.  And Wade is a highly-motivated self-starter, and he really, really wants that pocketknife.

UPDATE: In my first conversation of the day today, Wade entered my darkened bedroom where his brother, sister, and I were sleeping, and said:

“Mom, Henry said he wants to use his birthday money to buy chocolate popcorn.  Is that okay if he does that?”  I said “absolutely not.”  Really.  If I don’t stand up for the least among us, who will?


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18 Sep

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some more stuff you wish you didn’t know

14 Sep

I’m not even going to tell you this one.  You would all think I am some kind of a sicko.  But I don’t get to choose the facts.  Unfortunately, they choose me.

School Year – day 1

1 Sep

Ambleside and St. Luke’s resumed today for the school year.  Everybody had a great day as far as I know.  Henry won’t talk about his day except to say “the bad guys shot me” and then he falls on the floor.  Anna’s favorite thing about the day was “seeing her friends” and Wade loves his 3rd grade history book which “is about Vikings and the Greeks and the Egyptians.”  Which one of these is the most like me?

the only one in the house not ready for school is me.  I haven’t gathered all Henry’s school supplies – for PreK?  I forgot to pick up Wade and Anna at 3:15.  And I am exhausted from getting up so early.

I am going to consider the next 3 days a practice week.  Surely by next week, I will be more prepared?