the moviegoer

17 May

wow.  published in 1960 and just as relevant in 2009.  winner of the National Book Award.  Binx has disappointed his Aunt Emily by failing to revere Kate as he should have.  Aunt Emily dresses him down as follows:

First, is it not true that in all of past history people who found themselves in difficult situations behaved in certain familiar ways, well or badly, courageously or cowardly, with distinction or mediocrity, with honor or dishonor.  They are recognizable.  They display courage, pity, fear, embarrassment, joy, sorrow, and so on.  Such anyhow has been the funded experience of the race for two or three thousand years, has it not?  Your discovery, as best I can determine, is that there is an alternative which no one has hit upon.  It is that on findng oneself in one of life’s critical situations need not after all respond in one of the traditional ways.  No.  One may simply default.  Pass.  Do as one pleases, shrug, turn on one’s heel and leave.  Exit.  Why, after all, need one act humanly?


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