16 May

Who knew the West Texas landscape was so beautiful and diverse?  From the gate we saw the barn and such gorgeous palomino horses: Shelly, Sally, Oops, Bullet, Neiman, and silly baby Ace.  He is adorable.  He has a giant soccer ball that he kicks and plays with and tries to climb on top of and over and he falls and he trips and he kicks and he scores!  It’s as big as he is. 

The three year-olds loved seeing the “baby horse”, but not as much as they loved the jeeps in the barn.  They raced and drove the stationery jeep.  They played ring around the rosy and coerced poor Anna into playing it with them – over and over again. 

We drank lemonade on the back porch while Cal chased Niko, the little cat and Lizzie, the Boston terrier barked at us, demanding that we throw her ball.  The children jumped on the trampoline.  Then we took a drive down into the beautiful canyon to look for herons (we found them).  I didn’t know that an ordinary-looking ranch could turn into such a wooded, rugged, mountainous range in so short a distance.  It was absolutely beautiful and such a perfect afternoon excursion for the mothers of three year-olds, who only need a trampoline and a parked car to make them happy.

While Anna was able to ride the adorable Oops bareback, accompanied and guided by dear Anita, and the three moms were able to hold a thousand shortened-by-children’s needs conversations.

The weather was uncharacteristically cool and the sun was out and all was right with the world.  I can’t wait to go back.


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