30 Apr

I think we may get a tenant.  A college girl who is graduating in May needs a spot in which to light while she takes a few graduate-level classes.  Her degree is in elementary education and she student teaches at our neighborhood school.  She has been the daily babysitter for one of my friends’ three children, so I am pretty sure that nothing scares her.  Not our plethora of dogs, bicycles, children, big wheels, strollers, tricycles…Not only does she enjoy children, she is seeking a career that would involve being with 25 of them in one room for hours at a time.  I can’t really understand that motivation, but I am glad that some people have it.  I know that I don’t.  I would rather spend my time with criminal defendants and attorneys.  At least they don’t interrupt. 

I hope she will rent our little cottage apartment.  She seemed impressed with it.  I had spent all day cleaning it, except for the few hours during which I fell asleep with Henry during his nap.  It looks almost presentable.  I think it would be wonderful to have her here.  I could say, “hey K, I am going to Starbucks, the grocery store, the cleaners, and Goodwill.  Can you keep an eye on the kids?”  It would be just like being married.  Except she won’t live in my house.  Anna wants to know if she will eat supper with us every night.  I didn’t remind Anna that we rarely eat at home.  We are either out with friends or at church or they are with their dad, and I am eating string cheese or popcorn for supper in their absence. 

We don’t have loud parties.  We have some loud Saturdays spent in the driveway with friends, riding bikes, holding dog salons, tying wagons and bicycles and big wheels together with leashes to make a train.  We love to draw hopscotch courses on the driveway with chalk.  We do a lot of calling out to one another from yard to house, but in general, we are in bed early and live quietly, to the extent that you can do that with children in the house.

I think we would be a great home for her.  I hope she liked us.


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