Date a girl who reads

7 Apr

I wish I had written this.

I have already told you that I want to be Alice.   And I don’t agree about lying to her.  It is simply not acceptable.

I told my friend Parmele a year or so ago that I believe there are actually very few original stories out there in the world.  That most stories are re-tellings.  That I was most interested in the early 20th century American novels (still true.  It was a great era in history, literature and spirit).  So I re-read Tender is the Night. 

To find that it was about a duty-bound doctor with a manic-depressive wife who sacrificed his whole life to cater to her and sacrificed his opportunities for happiness with beautiful young American starlets traveling abroad.  To have a better situation for his wife, Nicole, Dick Diver eventually took a post running a sanitarium in Switzerland.   Where she promptly ran off with his friend.   The End.

I hope that I am wrong, and that isn’t actually the only story out there.  Alice would never have done Calvin that way.

(a final note: Parmele, your name keeps triggering my spell-check.  Would you consider changing it?)


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