deep thoughts

31 Mar

A few ponderings:

1. If someone says really nice things about you, and that person is somewhat, well, not-quite-right, should you still feel complimented?  On closer reflection, this has happened more than once.  I once thought that I attracted rednecks.  Now I think that I am esteemed by certain people who may not have all their wits about them.  Nerds have always liked me, too.  Probably because I read.  I don’t know why the rednecks like me.

2. I embarrassed my dad.  He was all “aw shucks.”  And I didn’t even list his real accomplishments, like being voted “Most Handsome” in the Greenwood High School class of 1961.

3. I am so into Lit that I carry it with me everywhere and resent every obligation that prevents me from reading it.  Including my children and some of my best friends and the dentist and the fire marshal and all those phone calls.  Luckily, I have given up harboring resentments for Lent.

4. I have too many dogs.  There, I said it.  Which one would you like to adopt?  Just not Kona.  Even though he is very, very bad, he is still my favorite.  Jack remains available.

5. I should be in bed, but I must finish Lit.  And then start over again on page 1.


3 Responses to “deep thoughts”

  1. dad April 1, 2011 at 1:33 am #

    I guess all of us, strictly speaking, are not-quite-right…I doubt that you appeal just to us nerdy rednecks…but you surely do…something about you, i guess—or about us…something to ponder, for sure…

  2. brightenthecorner April 1, 2011 at 1:54 am #

    Oh, Dad, this person is significantly not-quite-right. Like mass email diatribes and conspiracy theories. And the nerds and rednecks I refer to are separate species. Not nerdy rednecks, but nerds and rednecks. And redneck must not confused with outdoorsy. I’m talking about back of the truck rednecks. And anyway, my mother is very uptown.

    • dad April 1, 2011 at 4:10 am #

      Is this not-quite right person employed by Fox News? He sounds familiar somehow…

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