book club

25 Mar

Don’t y’all want to hear more about how busy I am?  About how I was short with my very own mother because she had the audacity to call me with a good idea about how to repay someone who has been extra-kind to me?   I was too busy to be nice.  It just wasn’t the right time for me to talk to anyone.  Based on my experience, I can assure you all that I will be a lot easier to talk to tomorrow.  It’s just my personal witching hour.

I picked up my (parents’) beloved bmw at the shop today where it was being repaired.  I have been forced to drive a mini-van for three days in a row, and it has really cramped my style and caused me to feel maternal and dowdy and, well, just not very glamorous.  I became really spoiled over spring break and started thinking of myself as someone free and easy and without obligations.  no small children, just beautiful, well-behaved golden retrievers and a bmw.  With a sunroof.  On the other hand, the honda has a sunroof, too, and we all fit in it comfortably and we can even watch a movie.  Well, they can.  Somebody has to drive.

I am in the market for a new car.  I have the honda on a lease. A fleece according to Dave.  Whatevs, Dave.  If I were perfect, I wouldn’t be spending Wednesday nights laughing at your lame jokes and scribbling copious notes.  And the lease is up in May, which is the same as saying “next month” and you all know how I just love making big decisions.  Especially under time pressure.  It thrills me, so I have been doing some research.  If someone just wants to tell me what to do, I would be grateful.

I’m still reading Lit.  Everyone must go out and buy it right now or download it to your kindle so that we can have a btc book club.  I need to discuss this book with somebody, and I choose you.  In fact, I am mandating a book report on Lit by Mary Karr.  Due in two weeks.  Mostly I want to know this:  Do you think that it’s a natural leap from alcoholism to Catholicism?  Several learned friends pretty much said “well, duh?” when I was telling them about Mary’s progression.  Like I was dumb not to see why it should be expected.  One of them said “Does that really surprise you?” and since she was my OB doctor and since I was sitting there in a hospital gown in her examining room, I felt a little vulnerable and I was all “no, not really,” but the truth is that YES.  I was surprised because to my understanding, alcoholics don’t usually love anyone but themselves and are incapable of committing to outside authority, so I think it’s amazing when they can recover at all, let alone give themselves over to something greater than themselves.

Really, am I alone in this?  Please don’t leave me sitting here in an imaginary hospital gown covered with a sheet.  I need some validation or at least discussion.  Thank you.


2 Responses to “book club”

  1. brightenthecorner March 25, 2011 at 3:26 am #

    I will start. I think that an alcoholic who truly gets religion is a great thing. Especially if they can use God to forgive others and themselves. that’s what I think. Now it is your turn.

    • dad March 25, 2011 at 4:33 am #

      I think alcoholism and “getting religion” are not an either-or proposition. Two different spheres, really. I accept that a “religious” mechanism is an aspect, perhaps a pivotal mechanism, in successful substance abuse rehabilitation in many cases. Forgiveness is necessary to allow “moving on” to the next, more wholesome, stage of life’s progression.

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