home again

21 Mar

They returned en masse last night.  “Hello, I am HERE!” announced Henry, as he always does.  And he walks in confidently showing me his newest Lego guy or airplane or truck, while being mauled by two 9 lb. Japanese chin who have missed him and his posse like crazy.  Then Anna enters saying (I kid you not) “What are we going to do tonight?”  Like the predictable mother I try to be, I say “supper, bath and bed.  How does that sound?” and she says “Great.”  Wade strolls in carrying a basketball and just says “hey Mom.”

The supper I prepared wasn’t nearly far enough along.  I had meant to have it ready to serve when they arrived (but maybe that would be raising them with unrealistic expectations?) but any recipe that requires a roux always has hidden sequences of preparation that I don’t ever see until I am knee-deep in 8 cups of pasta and whisking the flour and bringing milk and 6 cups of cheese to a simmer.  But I draw the line at making my own sourdough bread crumbs.  I just buy caesar salad croutons and beat them with a rolling pin until they are crumbled beyond all recognition.  Some steamed broccoli as a side dish et voila!  a Sunday night supper.  And I had made a pound cake to celebrate, so they were in heaven.  Which is exactly how I want them to think of coming home.  Wherever they may have been.

As you would expect after 10 days of Spring break and travels and activity and no routine and airplane rides and grandparents and aunts, uncles and cousins, they were so tired that nary a one of them gave me any sort of hard time at all about going to bed.  Now let’s just see if we can sustain this level of ease in the week ahead.  Any bets?


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