a compliment

6 Mar

“being told that they thought you were newlyweds.”  Actually you’ve been married for what?  15 years?  With three active children, three or is it four? jobs between the two of you, not counting parenting, a house payment, maintenance, baseball, scouts, bug collecting, a messy dog, church obligations, bills, a few exotic pets – mostly reptiles, carpool, friendships, volunteering at school, laundry, cooking supper, extended families and assorted hardships.

But I have been noticing you and I have been always impressed since the first time he showed me your wedding announcement and bridal portrait that he carries with him always.  There has never been any doubt in my mind that he values you the most of anything.  That you will always come first.  That he strives to make you proud of him and avoids displeasing you.  He takes his commitment to you and his children seriously – exactly as his faith and his understanding of his role as your husband requires.

So at an 80th birthday party filled with old (some actually old) friends and colleagues, it is such a compliment and a blessing to know that the light of your affection for each other shines brightly enough that it’s apparent to even the nearly-blind.


One Response to “a compliment”

  1. Rachie March 7, 2011 at 12:13 am #

    Uuuughhh, I’m doing that thing we vowed we’d never do again (cry). Marriage is a strange thing. I love him and then I don’t but then I love him so much all over again. He gets on my nerves (alot) but then I catch him staring at me with his silly little grin and I have to admit……I’m the lucky one.

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