B thankful

16 Feb

let’s do a thankful post.  I once did an A, and I am sure it started with Anna Abernethy, so we shall begin with B.

Boys.  I heart them.  Especially Wade and Henry.  I may as well include my occasional boy, Joseph.  He is here as often as his mom will let him be, which equates to the negative spaces when Wade isn’t at his house.  Did I tell you about the morning that Joseph called to see if Wade could come over and Henry overheard the phone call?  Henry jumped out of (my – where else?) bed and said “Yade and I are going to Joseph’s house.  I need to get dressed and put my shoes on!”  Joseph’s sweet mother (to four children) understood the little brother situation and offered to let Henry come play at their house for a little while.  The little while turned into hours and Henry loved every minute of being included with the big boys.  No one has told him yet that he is the baby, and that he can’t be included in everything they do.

I love their legos and their bikes and rollerblades and their enthusiasm.  The rambunctiousness of my youngest at the thoughtful nature of my eldest.  They are wonderful bookends with their exuberant sister in the middle.  I hope they will grow into good men.  I tell them all the time how real men act.  That they protect and care for the weaker among them.  That they must be honest and kind and helpful.  Wade seems to get it.  Henry not so much.  But there’s still time for him and he does have the greatest of role models.


2 Responses to “B thankful”

  1. Esmer February 16, 2011 at 6:04 pm #

    And little boys always love their mommas! 🙂

  2. dad February 18, 2011 at 5:11 am #

    What a couple of guys! Thankful, yes.

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