24 Nov

When Wade was three, we sent him out into the big, wide world of St. Luke’s pre-Kindergarten.  5 days a week.  9 to 1:30.  I was so concerned that 5 days a week would be too much for my older child, but as his sister was 19 months old and the two little ones kept me from accomplishing ANYthing at home, someone had to go somewhere for a few hours to preserve my sanity.

Luckily Wade met his best friend and twin-separated-at-birth, Joseph, in that class.  And as luck would have it, Joseph also lived just two houses down – the youngest of four children.  Their youngest and my oldest have been inseparable ever since, and it is because of their friendship that the rest of Wade’s family has been invited out to their lovely ranch home on several occasions.

We just got back from a lovely, sun-soaked trip to the wild west.  I took my three children out on Sunday to meet Joseph and his dear family, who offered us our choice of accommodations.  Because of my children’s ages, I needed to sleep in proximity to them, so we chose the bunkhouse.  I shared a bed with Henry and the room with Anna.  Wade and Joseph took the other bedroom so that they could play video games all night long, uninterrupted.

No detail has been overlooked at the ranch.  We lounged around, Henry swam in the hot tub, we watched deer and javelina at the feeder by the house, Joseph went out with his dad and Wade and shot a beautiful mule deer buck.  We ate nice meals and had lots of good conversation.  Henry ran around completely unsupervised and relished the freedom.

It takes a long time to get there, including many miles on a dirt road.  So many miles that I nearly turned back several times as I was convinced that the ranch couldn’t really be that remote.  But it is.  And its remoteness is part of what makes it so relaxing.  You can’t call anyone or check your email, so you might as well just relax and enjoy the mountains and the sunset and the high desert air.

So here’s to Wade and his excellent taste in best friends.  To have friends like Joseph and his family is something my family can be very thankful for this year.


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