7 Nov

I love animals and I hate the idea of their being raised for food.  I also hate the industrialized large-scale animal-raising operations like feed yards and dairy farms.  I see a lot of animal-farming in West Texas.  I regularly see 18 wheelers loaded with sheep or cows on their way to auction.  I always apologize to the animals on board, vow never to consume another animal product, and pray for forgiveness as I quickly become aware of my suede shoes and the leather seats in my car and the lunchables I sent to school with the wee ones.    In Lubbock, you can even smell the feedyards when the wind blows.  Which is almost all the time.  It’s not pretty.  If I lived my principles, I would be vegan.

However, I really like hamburgers.  And cheeseburgers.  With mayonnaise.  And either jalepenos or pickles, depending on how spicy I am feeling.

It’s not easy to reconcile what I enjoy with what I believe.  (if I were feeling evangelical, I might segue this into a discussion about what we are supposed to do and how our natural inclination is to resist what we know is right in favor of what we like to do.  But I don’t think that’s my purpose with y’all.  I am just here to talk about what’s for supper.  And cooking.  And how in yet ANOTHER area, what I do and what I feel strongly about in principle are two different things.  Because I am so deep.)

Having said all that, I have determined that just for today, while I determine what we will eat during the three nights I prepare supper, I am going meat-free.  Just for this one brief opportunity, I am going to pass on participating in the slaughter of animals for my nourishment.  The slaughter of plants?  I have no moral quandary with that.

Which brings us to the meal plan: cauliflower mac-n-cheese served with broccoli (a Sunday tradition); a roasted vegetable soup with barley, and a beans & rice dish.  Yes, I am aware that cheese is a dairy product and therefore not consistent with my vow to be more kind to animals, but really – I have children to feed and sustain.  They have to grow.  So yet again, I will wrestle with the conundrum and come out at a compromise.  C’est la vie.


One Response to “semi-vegetarian”

  1. Esmer November 11, 2010 at 7:47 pm #

    Yeah, I feel your pain. I have many vegetarian friends and though I don’t eat a lot of meat, I will never be able to give up my cheeseburgers! Or sausage…or a good steak…

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