on my honor…

29 Sep

I’m listening to Wade do a hard-sell on his maternal grandparents for boy scout popcorn over the phone.  If I am understanding correctly, they have just bought the biggest package available.  And some popcorn for our troops, which is a very sweet idea.

Whatever they do to motivate these Webelos is certainly working, because Wade is a selling machine.  Last night he was selling popcorn to Anna.  He has already sold to his dad and to me.  I couldn’t find him tonight to take him to play practice because he was selling to the neighbors behind us.

I always hated selling things.  I still do, but it’s hard to argue with popcorn.  Or cute little scouts with earnest brown eyes.  Or with the promise of a pocketknife to be won if you raise $350.  And Wade is a highly-motivated self-starter, and he really, really wants that pocketknife.

UPDATE: In my first conversation of the day today, Wade entered my darkened bedroom where his brother, sister, and I were sleeping, and said:

“Mom, Henry said he wants to use his birthday money to buy chocolate popcorn.  Is that okay if he does that?”  I said “absolutely not.”  Really.  If I don’t stand up for the least among us, who will?


One Response to “on my honor…”

  1. dad September 30, 2010 at 3:53 am #

    Want to be a good salesman? Start with a great product. No wonder Henry and Anna were captivated.

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