’twas the weekend

23 May

This is Saturday night, and as I always do on weekends when the children are with me, I will talk about how unbelievably busy we are and how exhausted I am.  And next weekend, you will hear how I don’t know what to do with myself in an empty house with a skeleton social schedule.   I predict that I will sleep next weekend – early and often.

This weekend Today we had friends over, ballet recital rehearsals, 2 birthday parties and a choral performance for Ambleside’s commencement ceremony.  Tomorrow we have rehearsals, 2 dance performances and in between, hopefully, naps all around.

The funniest conversation occurred today in my backseat. 

Anna: I really like the word “twas”.  It saves you from having to say “it was.”

Wade: “yeah. I think Shakespeare invented that.”

Also from Anna, 3 days ago, as we drove by the jail, and we saw a woman being detained in handcuffs.  I pointed her out as someone who had broken the law (always looking for ways to impart life lessons to those in my charge!)

Anna: Yeah, she looks wacko.

Me: Why do you think she is wacko, Anna?

Anna: Because she has a tattoo.  I think people with tattoos are wacko.

Me: I don’t like tattoos either.  I think they are a bad idea.

Anna: Maybe she’s not wacko, but definitely kind of crazy.

I hope all my dear readers have either an exciting or restful weekend.  I enjoy both kinds.


One Response to “’twas the weekend”

  1. Angie June 1, 2010 at 3:04 pm #

    This CRACKED me up!!!! Anna and Noah would be fast friends 🙂

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